Working Groups

In accordance to the IHDEA mission as described in the IHDEA Charter, the work of the IHDEA can be organized into different working groups (WGs) that serve as focal points for various IHDEA activities designed to achieve its stated goals. To that end, the IHDEA has identified the following working groups:

  • Community Awareness
  • Goal is to ensure an effective IHDEA website and to define an approach to improve community awareness.
  • Community Metadata
  • Goal is the monitoring and maintenance of the metadata registries, to define improvements to the SPASE information to enhance integration with IVOA/UCD and to extend the adoption of the SPASE information model by additional data centers (i.e. IUGONET, CEF, AMDA) and coordination of the generation of metadata.
  • Coordinate Systems Standardisation
  • Goal is to describe coordinate systems in unambiguous terms, especially where reference models differ over time [e.g. GSM (IGRF-12 vs IGRF-13)].
  • DOI for Science
  • Goal is to define the process for obtaining DATA DOI and the coordination of the task amoung the data centers.
  • Data Access Layer
  • Goal is to improve the HAPI, TAP and VSO services and to expand adoption of supporting servers at more data centers.
  • SPASE Information Model
  • Goal is the improvement of the SPASE Information Model for describing observational and derived data, and for describing simulation models, simulations runs, and simulation output (CCMC and IMPEx). In particular, defining metadata for simulation models and generated data, as well as defining a standard for an execution interface.
  • Python Adoption
  • Goal is to survey the use of Phyton in the Heliophysics domain and report on tools, services and web sites, especially for the HelioPy community.
  • Standard for Computing Job Management
  • Goal is to recommend and/or define a standard for execution interface. As needed, define a SPASE compliance information model and coordinate with the SPASE Information Model for implementation.

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